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 Which demonstrates the "Brand" principle in the ABCDs?
• Use natural, on-product integrations versus using forced logos or supers
• Focus on framing
• Frontload the story arc
• Include a call to action (CTA)

 Your client's main goal is to drive ad recall. Which creative consideration for Bumper ads supports these goals?
• Brand toward the end of the ad
• Include supers and voiceovers to reinforce your brand
• Break the fourth wall–include a familiar face speaking directly to the camera
• Moderate pacing–not too fast and not too slow

Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on viewers' behavior?
• The direct shot
• Tease, amplify, echo 
• The follow-up
• The mini-series

 Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate?
• Audience retention report
• Analytics report
• Audience report
• Watch time report

Which demonstrates the "Connect" principle in the ABCDs?
• Include a call to action (CTA)
• Frontload the story arc
• Speak directly to viewers by breaking the fourth wall
• Integrate your brand in natural usage in the first five seconds